BASF has launched a comprehensive new resource to help farmers develop effective weed control programs — the Advanced Weed Control web site.

Created by BASF with input from farmers, this resource arms farmers with the latest expert information, recommendations and insights on effective weed control based on geography.

“Farmers told us that herbicides are increasing in importance for their operations, especially due to the rise in glyphosate resistant weeds,” said Dan Westberg, Ph.D., Technical Market Manager, BASF. “And, that herbicide effectiveness for the weeds on their farm is top priority. The Advanced Weed Control website provides information to help growers achieve clean fields — which translates to higher yields.”

The website combines maps and simple prompts to help visitors evaluate BASF weed control solutions based on their geography, weed pressure and crop. This information is enhanced with informational videos from local agronomists and weed scientists to develop a comprehensive, sustainable weed control program.

“Weed control isn’t one size — or herbicide — fits all anymore,” said Westberg. “BASF provides the most herbicide sites of action in the industry, which can be tailored with the Advanced Weed Control online resource to address the key weeds farmers are facing.”

Visitors to the site will find product and weed control strategy recommendations that combine to build an effective program, such as application tips for herbicide stewardship and maximum performance or prioritizing fields for a preemerge residual herbicide to manage tough weeds.

About BASF Advanced Weed Control

Advanced Weed Control from BASF is an unmatched portfolio of proven herbicides with the most sites of action offered by any manufacturer. These flexible, effective herbicides can be combined and customized to meet specific crop and agronomic needs.

In 2012, BASF added three new solutions to its Advanced Weed Control portfolio, Optill PRO herbicide, Armezon herbicide and Zidua herbicide, as well as submitted Engenia herbicide for registration.

These launches demonstrate the commitment of BASF to provide solutions, technical support and educational tools to help growers implement a weed control program based on herbicide best practices. This includes proactive weed resistance management, such as utilizing herbicides with different sites of action, and planning appropriately to help ensure effective, on-target applications.