Nufarm introduces Scorch herbicide for U.S. farmers and ranchers combating a broad range of troublesome broadleaf weeds.

A premix of three active ingredients — dicamba, 2,4-D and fluroxypyr — Scorch is specifically designed with glyphosate-resistant and dicamba-tolerant kochia in mind. It also controls more than 60 annual and 50 biennial/perennial weeds, including common ragweed, waterhemp, marestail, lambsquarters and Palmer amaranth. 

Labeled for use on cereal grains, fallow, field corn, sorghum, range, pasture and more, Scorch kills weeds above- and belowground, and works better in cooler weather than other dicamba and 2,4-D herbicides, the company says.

Scorch can be applied to actively growing weeds as aerial, broadcast, band or spot spray applications, and using water or sprayable fluid fertilizer as a carrier. See label for complete application timing and rate details.

To download a brochure on new Scorch, click here.