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8 Tips to Get a Clean Start to Growing Season

Helm agronomist explains how to use synthetic & biological products to bridge gaps & keep fields clean.
Brock Waggoner, technical agronomist at Helm, shares 8 best practices and reminders for starting clean and staying clean using products that bridge the gap.
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Weedy Soybean Field

6 Solutions Australian No-Tillers Use to Control Weed Seed at Harvest

Dr. Michael Walsh, a weed scientist with the University of Western Australia, outlines 6 current systems of harvest weed seed control.
Dr. Michael Walsh, who is currently a visiting Fulbright Scholar at Kansas State University, is one of the founding fathers of the harvest weed seed control systems that have developed in Australia in response to a herbicide resistance crisis. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries.
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EPA Outmaneuvers the Federal Court System, Putting Off Until At Least 2026 What Could Likely Be Unreasonable Glyphosate Restrictions for No-Till Growers

In a recent legal skirmish with a federal appeals court, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) back-pedaled on its interim decision regarding the use of glyphosate. As a result, no-tillers can continue to use glyphosate without any added restrictions at least through 2026.

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NNTC16 Audio Presentations

Combating Tough, Troublesome Weeds that Batter No-Till Systems - Bob Bruss - NNTC 2016 Presentation - MP3 Download


“Troublesome” weeds are those resistant to one or more classes of chemistry or for various reasons are difficult to control. Bob Bruss, director of technical service for Nufarm Americas, covers the importance of multipronged weed control approaches that span the entire year — not just the growing season — and how to implement them in your no-till system. Bruss also discusses new options for burndown, the importance of fall applications and fallow control and how to best integrate new weed control technologies and traits to minimize the risk of further resistance development.


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