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“Until now the industry has mostly had access to soil chemistry profiles or soil physical profiles..and that's where we really see an opportunity to come in with a more holistic view of soil intelligence, integrating biology into this picture because every tablespoon of soil contains millions if not billions of microbes…” – Poornima Parameswaran, co-founder, Trace Genomics

The soil microbiome is a growing field of study that offers a lot of promise for making discoveries that can truly impact crop growth and farm management. Trace Genomics is a new company that has developed a proprietary soil DNA test that produces insights into soil microbes and bacteria unlike any other tests that are available today.

Poornima Parameswaran is a co-founder of Trace Genomics. With a PhD in microbiology from Stanford University, she’s pioneered the use of genomic technologies to address fundamental questions about microbial diseases. After completing her PhD, she set about applying her knowledge to the world of soil. In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast series, we’ll hear from Poornima who explains what Trace Genomics’ soil DNA test is able to analyze and how it can help farmers and agronomists target inputs and better understand the variables that affect crop health and yields.







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