DENVER, Colo. -- Wilbur-Ellis announced today the release of a new and improved seed treatment product, STEPUP 2.0., a seed treatment nutritional that is specifically designed to interact with and respond to the seed by supplementing the protein and amino acids released during the early stages of germination, providing a faster and more uniform emergence, resulting in higher yields. This exclusive seed treatment product features a newly redesigned, higher-concentrated formulation.

Due to this more concentrated formulation, STEPUP 2.0 allows growers to use more products on their seeds, while tapping into the potential for lower use rates without sacrificing performance. Ultimately this gives the grower a more consistent return on investment.

"The redesigned formulation allows for lower use rates on seed which can result in better seed flow at planting while retaining its performance," said Wilbur-Ellis' National Seed Treatment Manager Paul Johnson.

Additionally, STEPUP 2.0 has proven results on soybeans through several field trials, as this value-added seed treatment nutritional has averaged an increase of over 2.12 bushels over two years of trials, taking soybean yields and return on investment to the next level.

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