Nutrien announced today the launch of Smart Nutrition MAP+MST fertilizer powered by MST, the latest system for delivering sulfur (S) and phosphate to meet crop needs and maximize production just in time for the fall application season. This product combines micronized S with phosphate to give crops consistent nutrition all season long.

“Sulfur levels in the soil are on the decline which can impact yield results and crop quality,” says Chris Reynolds, Nutrien senior vice president, sales. 

Micronized Sulfur Technology MST is a patented technology, where the elemental S source has been micronized to an average particle size of 15 micron. The smaller particle size allows for quicker elemental S oxidation.

“Smart Nutrition MAP+MST integrates micronized elemental S directly into the MAP granule during production. The uniform distribution of MST in each granule allows for maximum soil to fertilizer contact, resulting in an increased oxidation rate,” says Dr. Cristie Preston, Nutrien senior agronomist.

“The innovation that this new product represents with the small micron size of the elemental S allows it to be transported and stored safely and then quickly oxidized in the soil, ready for the plant to consume,” says Reynolds. 

Historically, farmers have often overlooked S in their nutrient management practices due to its natural availability from rainfall.

“Sulfur is an essential macronutrient needed for basic plant functions and growth,” says Preston. “As the amount of atmospheric S deposited via rainfall steadily declines, additional S should be added to the soil through fertilizer applications.”

Smart Nutrition MAP+MST is currently produced at Nutrien’s White Springs, FL, phosphate operation.