Titan International Inc. Goodyear Optitorque LSW800/55R46 Tire is ideal for scraper applications, as well as a flotation sprayer option and high-horsepower tractor dual option for arid, dry soils. The Optitorque LSW800/55R46 serves as an alternative to the standard 800/70R38 size.

The Low Sidewall Technology (LSW) design helps dampen and avoid the effects of power hop that are common in high-torque applications such as pulling scrapers, helping keep the pan level. LSW tires also allow for running at up to 40% lower inflation pressures than standard tires, thereby reducing soil compaction.

The Optitorque features a wide lug base for smooth roading and less rutting in fields, a wide footprint for reduced ground pressure and soil compaction and a large nose and shoulder design to reduce vibration on the road and promote stability.

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