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“How you adapt and how you respond to challenges can either make you frustrated with cover crops and you give up or you take the opportunity to see what you can learn. ” – Steve Groff

Long-time no-tiller Steve Groff from Holtwood, Pa., has been at the forefront of the cover crop movement for several years as a founder of the Cover Crop Innovators, the developer of tillage radish genetics and much more.

Like all aspects of farming, Groff says that growing cover crops doesn’t always go as intended. For today’s podcast, we’re sharing a recent talk Groff gave to his Cover Crop Innovators group in which he explains that how cover croppers react to failure is critical for learning and doing better the next time.

Groff shares ideas on how to deal with several areas where cover cropping can go awry, including weather, herbicides, equipment, and management, and shares stories from his own cover crop failures. (Courtesy of Cover Crop Innovators)








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