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“Too many people worry about volume and they don’t go after quality. But we don’t have to push near as many acres if we can focus on quality. To me, that’s where the future is.” – Loran Steinlage

Loran Steinlage is a no-tiller and soil health advocate from West Union, Iowa, and the owner/operator of Flolo Farms. His ever-evolving practices have taken his farm from a full-time dairy with a lot of corn-on-corn acres to his current focus on cover crops, diversity, interseeding and even organic no-till.

Doug Newton grows peanuts, corn, cotton, soybeans and wheat in Marlboro County, South Carolina, and has been using no-till and strip-till techniques since the early 1990s. Since adding cover crops a few years ago, he says he’s seen big improvements in his sandy loam soils.

In today’s podcast, Doug and Loran get together to talk no-till, comparing notes about their experiences, the soil health and other benefits they’ve seen from the practice, the best cover crops for breaking up compaction, reducing nitrogen inputs, lessons learned along the way and much more.







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