By Drew Lyon, Extension weed scientist

Harvest Weed Seed Control: Applications for PNW Wheat Production Systems, (PNW730), is a new publication that discusses the various Harvest Weed Seed Control (HWSC) systems and their potential suitability for PNW wheat production systems across rainfall regions. Dr. Michael Walsh, Director Weed Research at the University of Sydney, was a key contributor to this publication.

Harvest weed seed control is an innovative, non-chemical approach developed in Australia that takes advantage of seed retention at maturity in many dominant annual weed species. Harvest weed seed control systems are focused on the management of chaff material in which most weed seed resides. 

Although HWSC has not been fully evaluated in the PNW, early work suggests that it can be an effective tool in an integrated weed management program. 

The choice of which particular HWSC system to use is dependent on the constraints of the cropping systems in which they are used and the specific needs of the grower. I believe every Washington wheat grower should consider HWSC in their weed management program.