WILMINGTON, DEL. – DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences (DuPont) has announced the launch of DuPont Optimash DCO+ for increased recovery of corn oil in dry grind ethanol plants. Optimash DCO+ provides a flexible solution for ethanol producers to increase corn oil yield without affecting downstream processes or the quality of distillers’ grains.

Optimash DCO+ is a patent-pending thermostable protease dosed into liquefaction, where it helps to liberate corn oil from the protein and fiber matrix of the corn kernel. Because it is a stand-alone product, ethanol producers can precisely dose Optimash DCO+ without having to change their alpha amylase.

“We strongly believe that the precision and performance offered by Optimash DCO+ is the right tool to help ethanol producers achieve additional profitability through greater corn oil yield,” said Troy Wilson, Global Industry Leader for the XCELIS Ethanol Solutions platform at DuPont. “We are excited to deliver this innovation for the ethanol industry.”

Optimash DCO+ is a part of the XCELIS Ethanol Solutions platform by DuPont.