Horsch's Maestro RC Series Mounted Row Crop Planters feature a Vertical Flex Fold toolbar. It possesses the greatest wing flexibility of any mounted planter — 10 degrees up, 10 degrees down — for maximum terrain-following performance on rolling land. The geometry of the toolbar design also allows the Maestro RC’s 64-bushel seed tank to be moved closer to the tractor linkage point, shifting the weight of the implement to the tractor.

With the new toolbar concept and seed tank moved closer to the tractor linkage, rear lift assist caster wheels have been eliminated. Eliminating the rear lift assist caster wheels makes maneuvering easier on ridges, headland areas, field entrances and during road transport.

Another standard feature on the Maestro RC line is a weight transfer system, which is designed to address the common concern of seed depth control on mounted planters. The Maestro RC also features hydraulic row unit down pressure as a standard feature to further help maintain precise seed depth placement for securing maximum yield potential. An AutoForce system, which regulates down force automatically pending soil density characteristics, is an option.

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