Horsch's Maestro SV line features 12- and 16-row planters with 30-inch row spacing. The Maestro SV comes standard with a weight transfer system that takes the weight of the chassis and distributes it evenly across the toolbar. It also lightens weight on the chassis tires.

The Maestro SV features hydraulic row unit down pressure as a standard feature for maintaining precise seed depth placement to secure maximum yield potential. The AutoForce system, which regulates down force automatically pending soil density characteristics, is an option. Increased flexibility in uneven field terrain is incorporated into the toolbar design. The Maestro SV features 25 degrees up and 22 degrees down total flexibility on a three-section toolbar.

The electric meter drives ensure pin-point accuracy with seed singulation, individual row shut-off eliminates double-planting and curve compensation maintains row-to-row population around curves. All Maestro SV planters are ISOBUS compatible. Options include a variation of seed firming devices, row markers, seed tank scale system, gauge wheel styles, liquid system with sectional control and a variety of discs for various crops.

The Maestro SV series will be available in Spring 2020.

Learn more at www.Horsch.com.