HCC, Inc. announces that its innovative Smart-Till vertical-tillage tool is now available in a 20-foot model: the Smart-Till ST 203. The Smart-Till vertical-tillage system is designed to enhance no-till practices for improved management of manure and residue management.

Its patented self-sharpening, three-tine helical design allows operators to fracture soil 20_Smart-Tillmore than 8 inches deep without major residue disruption. Plus, the tines easily adjust from 0 to 10 degrees to control the aggressiveness of action.

The Smart-Till ST 203 transports at 15 feet. It also has a three-section, wing-up design, 10-foot center section and 5-foot wings. The wings provide 40 degrees of total flex — 10 degrees down and 30 degrees up.

In changing conditions, its tillage and harrow gangs are independently adjustable. Like all models, the Smart-Till ST 203 is available with optional rotary harrows.