The Michelin CerexBIB 2 with IF and VF CFO+ designations is available in nine front sizes and seven rear sizes. Michelin’s CFO+ technology offers a second and lower 6 mph cyclic loading table over the standard CFO of one 10 mph cyclic loading table. Farmers may gain up to a 10% bonus in load-carrying capacity at the same pressure, or the option of carrying the same load at lower pressures to maximize floatation and traction and minimize soil compaction.

The CTIS-enabled CerexBIB 2 tire is engineered to ensure optimal harvest time despite soil conditions. The CerexBIB 2 may run as low as 17 psi while carrying a load of 21,740 pounds. The Tire’s contact patch expands up to 35%, which is designed to reduce soil compaction and protect the soil for future harvests.

The CerexBIB 2 tire incorporates Michelin Ultraflex IF and VF technology, which offers the best load capacity in its class, low ground pressure and very high levels of traction in the field. The CerexBIB 2 offers fuel savings up to 10%.

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