The PL5500 from Great Plains is an eight-row planter that folds to under 10 feet wide. It features a 5000 Series Row Unit and 5000 Series Air-Pro Meter. The re-engineered meter includes a 66% larger seed pool and a simplified housing. With its simple, positive air pressure design, the 5000 Series Air-Pro Meter offers precise singulation. Individual Row Control (IRC electric drive) is available for variable rate and row-by-row section control, ensuring equal seed spacing over a variety of terrain types.

PL5500 Planters place seeds in 30 inch rows and are offered with a choice of 1.6 bushel or 3 bushel hoppers with shock-assisted lids. To apply liquid or dry fertilizer, coulters and dribblers are available to place fertilizer in furrow or 2 inches from the row. The PL5500 Planter features a transport width of only 9 feet, 9 inches and only requires a 115 drawbar horsepower tractor (minimum).

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