The Amity 60 Foot Precision Shank Drill row unit blends multiple features to make the entire drill perform exceptional, even at higher speeds. The parallel link row unit allows for precise depth control, exceptional ground following and a smoother field finish at 8-9 mph, almost twice the speed of competitive drills. The active hydraulic down pressure helps to ensure a consistent field finish and ease of depth setting via frame height.

The individual rippled coulters slice trash and pre-fracture the ground ahead of the opener to keep residue flowing and minimize disturbance by allowing soil to move around the opener instead of being lifted or blown out by it, thus allowing easier, more consistent soil containment. The independent closing discs capture the soil displaced by the opener at all speeds, ensuring that it returns to the furrow to be properly packed.

There is zero daily maintenance needed on the row unit, which contributes to an entirely simple to operate drill.

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