Valent's Aveo EZ Nematicide protects soybeans from yield loss caused by Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN), Reniform nematode and more. Aveo EZ is a biological seed protectant that colonizes the roots of the soybean plant to reduce nematode reproduction. The highly concentrated formulation of Aveo EZ contains more colony forming units per milliliter than competitive products, which means more powerful protection at a lower use rate (0.1 fluid ounce/140,000 seeds).

Available as a stand-alone product, Aveo EZ gives retailers flexibility to optimize the ratio of nematicide to fungicide and insecticide protection in soybeans. Seed treaters can easily add SCN protection to a base seed treatment of Intego Suite Soybeans, with minimal adjustment to the treater settings.

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