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When you know what lives and works in the soil, Jill Clapperton says it’s much easier to understand how no-till and crop rotation work together to regenerate and maintain healthy, productive soil.

Is the rhizosphere all Greek to you? Rhizo means “root” and sphere means “everything that goes on around the root.” Because rhizosphere interactions drive soil health, the principal scientist at Rhizoterra Inc. will help you understand the interactions between plants, soil and soil organisms. 

Click here to view Jill Clapperton's powerpoint presentation of "Healthy Plants Grow in Healthy Soils- and Understanding Why That Is."

Clapperton will discuss the animals at work underground, and how no-till stabilizes the soil habitat so farmers and consumers can reap the benefits of rhizosphere processes — primarily how healthy well-fed plants use nutrients effectively.

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Yetter Manufacturing Company, principal scientist at Rhizoterra Inc. Jill Clapperton discusses the characteristics of healthy soils and the importance of building soil structure in creating a diverse, viable no-till system.







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