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There’s a lot of discussion about the significance of sulfur in crop production. As it turns out there’s less and less of this valuable nutrient found in the environment today and that can have a negative affect on crops.

Sulfur plays a significant role in plant protein, nodulation in legumes, seed and chlorophyll production, rooting ability and disease protection. In spite of this, sulfur may be the second-most neglected no-till nutrient behind calcium, says Neal Kinsey.

In this podcast episode, the Charleston, Mo., fertility expert will discuss the need for sulfur in a no-tiller’s nutrient plan to raise high-yielding crops, sulfur’s behavior in the soil profile, deficiency symptoms and the best way to make sulfur available to your plants.

Listen in as Kinsey discusses the reasons no-tillers are seeing more sulfur deficiencies in their crops today how sulfur interacts with other essential nutrients, the benefits sulfur provides to crops, and whether or not manure is a good sulfur source for your fields.







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