Loftness' FS800 Standard Spreader and RC800 High-Clearance Row Crop Spreader are equipped with dual stainless-steel spinners, which deliver a consistent, 40-60 foot wide spread pattern using a 100% overlapping triangular pattern. The spreaders come standard with a positive mechanical conveyor drive, which eliminates the slippage problems of competitive friction wheel drives. They can also be equipped with an optional hydraulic conveyor drive for variable rate applications.

The FS800 spreader features a double-axle design with an integral adjustable-height hitch and 2.5 inch wide leaf springs, resulting in level operation and improved ride quality on uneven terrain. The RC800 is a single-axle spreader with a 44 inch frame clearance for in-season applications, allowing operators to spoon-feed nutrients as the crop needs them. The RC800 includes an infinitely variable 80-120 inch tread width to accommodate virtually any row spacing.

To help prevent fertilizer buildup and corrosion, flat surfaces are minimized throughout the spreader designs. Also, the clean hopper interiors contain no gussets, plates or other obstructions for fertilizer to catch. An optional roll tarp can be installed to protect materials within the hopper from weather elements.

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