Used individually, NanoZyme 2.0 and Nano Brown Sugar from Max Systems LLC, provide plants with balanced minerals and nutrients that fertilizer alone can’t supply. However, when used together in water or with other foliar formulations, the combination literally gives a crop the resources it needs to excel.

Used at rates of 12.8 to 32 ounces per acre, NanoZyme 2.0 provides plants with a blend of molasses, soluble seaweed extract and sulfate of potash to provide a rich nutrient source, feed deep roots and provide beneficial microbes for healthier plant growth. At the same time, Leonardite 60-75% humic acid in the formula helps balance the soil pH and helps eliminate soil compaction for increased nutrient and fertilizer uptake.

For even better plant performance, one gallon per 20 acres of Nano Brown Sugar can be added. The formulation contains nano-sized brown sugar particles that are easily absorbed to provide the plant with instant nutrition and energy, along with a higher level of glucose. Like NanoZyme 2.0, it contains a percentage of humic acid to help increase absorption of essential minerals. Containing 2.5% molybdenum, it also increases microbial activity in the soil.

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