Monty’s Plant Food Co. has introduced its Nauxin nutrient package, specially formulated to apply nutrients to the plant during herbicide application.

“Our goal was to develop a product that could address the stress associated with the application of ammonia-based fertility products,” said Dennis Stephens, Monty’s president. “Nauxin is the perfect solution to address plant stress, especially during herbicide application.”

Nauxin’s has been formulated and approved to work with various herbicides including Engenia, Enlist and XtendiMax. The formulation contains eight different nutrients, including nitrogen (N) to enhance growth and green-up, and a specific form of potash designed to help strengthen the cell wall.

Active ingredients include N (3%), Potash (4%), Sulfur (1%), Boron (0.25%), Iron (0.25%), Manganese (0.25%), Zinc (0.25%) and Sugar (6.5%). The formulation should be 1-2 quarts per acre in a foliar spray, drip line or through irrigation. It can be applied to any crop and is tankmix flexible. It can also be applied with insecticides and fungicides.

“Nauxin is uniquely designed to address the nutrient deficiencies that nearly every farmer experiences,” said Joe Dedman, Monty’s vice president of agronomy. “It contains a great mix of important nutrients, plus sugar, to stimulate the plant.”