This page lists material that supplements the August 2016 issue of Conservation Tillage Guide.

Furrow Runner Tool Helps to Save Irrigation Water

Dexter, Mo., no-tiller Johnny Hunter discusses his Furrow Runner implement that cuts narrow trenches in the soil for irrigation water to flow in high-residue no-tilled fields.

(Supplement to the article “No-Till Evolution Begins with a First Step” on Page 80.)

No-Tilling Yellow Field Peas

Venango, Neb., no-tiller Steve Tucker talks about adding cover crops to his rotation of wheat, corn, millet, sunflowers and yellow field peas, and shares tips for successfully adding peas to a no-till rotation in the semi-arid U.S.

(Supplement to the article “Opening the Door to Change Sparks No-Tilling Success” on Page 88.)