This page lists material that supplements the August 2019 issue of No-Till Farmer.

Video: Longtime no-tiller Dan Sutton of Lowell, Ind., talks about changes he’s made to his Kinze planter to improve results in his no-till cover crop operation.

Podcast: Ron LeMay of Main Street Data shares how his company benchmarked 56 farming practices and variables that affect yield and profitability. Based on 1.3 billion field samples in 150-square-foot increments and normalized for weather, this data allows them to understand causes and correlations in farm management practices, enabling accurate insights for improved farm operations.

Podcast: In a recent episode of the No-Till Farmer Influencers & Innovators podcast, conservation consultant Hans Kok joins No-Till Farmer editor Frank Lessiter in a conversation about farming slopes vs. flat ground, making money while using cover crops, why no-till hasn’t been adopted widely in certain areas, how no-tillers could get by without glyphosate, and much more.

Blog: Managing editor Julia Gerlach shares findings from a recent study showing that plants can “forage” for nitrogen (N) in low-N conditions, growing longer primary and lateral roots in order to find nutrients in the surrounding area.

Comments: John Dobberstein, senior editor, wrote about how a proposal to allow for performance-based crop insurance premium discounts was pulled from the 2018 Farm Bill, seemingly over a debate over the legality of rebates and ‘treating all farmers fairly.’