This page lists material that supplements the November 2016 issue of Conservation Tillage Guide.

Building a Twin-Row Planter From Scratch

John Kutz of Fort Atkinson, Wis., talks about the DB60 30-inch, twin-row planter he and his father, Dennis, built from scratch, including why they wanted to build one themselves, some of the challenges they faced and future upgrades they’d like to make.

(Supplement to the article “Twin Rows, Covers and Chicken Litter” on Page 22.)

Acid Soil Concerns

See what Frank has to say on the topic of increased acid soil concerns in a previous column of Franks Comments.

View videos from the Washington State University Extension series that explains challenges, symptoms, cause and implications that are associated with soil pH decline. 

(Supplements to the article “Increased Nitrogen Rates May Lead to More Acid Soil Concerns” on Page 46.)