Unverferth Mfg. Co. announces the addition of the Model 1400, with a 1,400-gallon capacity, to its NutriMax liquid fertilizer applicator line. The NutriMax applicator helps ensure optimum crop performance through the precise placement of nutrients during the growing season when most needed by the plants.

The NutriMax applicator optimizes the grower’s equipment investment for liquid application with a durable, long-lasting design for years of high-speed application accuracy. The Model 1400 toolbar is manufactured with 7-by-7-inch tubing on the mainframe and wings, and is available with a 40-foot toolbar that folds to 30 feet for dual-width application, with a variety of row spacings from 22-36 inches. Its patent-pending folding design provides a narrow 13-feet and 4-inch transport width and height for safer road travel, and the 36-inch toolbar clearance enhances the application window. 

The exclusively designed 1,400-gallon tank is constructed of thick-walled polyethylene for long life and a containment tank sump that functions like a sump within a sump for holding the last 20-30 gallons of liquid on sidehills and inclines to maintain a primed pump. Tanks also feature a stainless steel baffle for load stability in the field or road transport.

Undercarriage choices for the Model 1400 include a variety of single wheel and tire sizes with an adjustable axle from 88-132 inches to accommodate a variety of row crop spacings.

Standard transport chain and LED red and amber taillights provide safer road travel. Its rear-mounted LED work light makes nighttime filling easier. The Model 1400 NutriMax liquid fertilizer applicator is available with gray tanks with an undercarriage in the grower’s choice of a tractor-matching red or green high-quality powder-coat finish that resists corrosion.   

For additional information about the entire line of NutriMax liquid fertilizer applicators, growers are encouraged to check with their nearest Unverferth dealer or visit umequip.com for complete details.