The North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station has released ND Genesis, a two-rowed barley line, according to Rich Horsley, North Dakota State University Department of Plant Sciences chair.

"The improved foliar disease resistance and yield potential of ND Genesis, as compared with Pinnacle, make it a possible replacement for Pinnacle if ND Genesis is added to the American Malting Barley Association's list of recommended malting barley varieties," Horsley says.

ND Genesis seems adapted to all parts of North Dakota and adjacent areas of Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota.

"ND Genesis also has some promise in the spring barley production areas of the eastern U.S., where growers producing barley for the craft brewing market have been growing Pinnacle because of its low protein," Horsley says.

The ND Genesis variety's large kernel and low grain protein may be helpful when growing malting barley in environments where moisture stress develops after heading.

Other unique properties of ND Genesis:

  • High grain yields
  • Large, plump kernels and some drought tolerance
  • Better resistance to the net and spot forms of net blotch than Pinnacle
  • Accumulates less DON than Pinnacle
  • Low grain protein
  • Good malt extract values
  • Lower beta-glucan values than Pinnacle

The testing of ND Genesis began in 2005 under the supervision of Jerry Franckowiak, now a professor emeritus in the Department of Plant Sciences.