DuPont Pioneer is expanding Encirca services to help growers maximize plant stands and yield potential by providing information that will allow growers to look at their fields in an entirely new way. The new service is Encirca Yield Stand, which joins the Encirca Yield Nitrogen Management Service as a cutting-edge input management offering for growers.

The novel approach of the Encirca Yield Stand service helps growers tailor corn- and soybean-planting prescriptions to unique areas of each field. Risk analysis and planting priority tools help growers make real-time adjustments if weather or other factors interfere with spring planting. Post-season yield analysis and consultation with a trusted Pioneer advisor offers the opportunity to learn from every field every season.

Using 20 years of Pioneer agronomy research, Encirca Yield Stand can make a prediction of the impact from a planting delay of even a few days. For instance, if rain delays corn planting, a Pioneer advisor can work with the grower using the tools in Encirca Yield Stand to help the grower assess whether to change the order of the fields they are planting. The goal is to maximize performance considering estimated crop yields along with potentially limiting factors like heat risk during flowering and pollination and historic trends for early and late season frosts.

Additionally, Encirca Yield Stand works together with the Nitrogen Management Service to help growers differentially manage acres at a sub-field level or decision zone to improve productivity and control costs. The Nitrogen Management Service helps growers apply varied rates of nitrogen (N) fertilizer to improve yields in parts of the field that can benefit from higher N levels. Encirca Yield Stand allows growers to adjust seeding rates to make better use of fertility-enhancing nutrients and high-productivity areas.

Encirca services are tailored to a grower’s operation through a trusted local advisor. Through the offering, Pioneer expects to create or liberate as much as $100 of value per acre through real-time insights.