North American liquid starter and foliar fertilizer manufacturer Nutra-Flo introduces new insect control and crop nutrition products for next planting season.

Nutra-Flo FlexEC technology and PureGrade EC are combination of products on the market that allow growers the ability to blend their choice of EC-based liquid insecticide and fungicide with starter fertilizer.

The new patented Nutra-Flo FlexEC technology works by holding standard EC pesticides together with liquid fertilizer for in-­furrow application of fertilizer and crop-protection products to guard crops against corn rootworm and other secondary pests throughout the growing season.

“Until now, only one insecticide could be blended into liquid fertilizer," said Jason Glover, Nutra-Flo director of business development. "The introduction of our Nutra-­Flo FlexEC technology makes it possible for growers to select the EC-­based insecticide or fungicide of their choice to mix with any starter fertilizer to achieve a uniform application and boost yields.”

Nutra­-Flo offers the FlexEC compatibility agent in 2.5­-gallon jugs or totes.

The company is also putting the new technology to work in its PureGrade liquid fertilizer line by introducing PureGrade EC — the first liquid fertilizer that contains the FlexEC technology.

“PureGrade is the industry’s best-selling liquid starter fertilizer that provides high orthophosphate, low salt, and non­-corrosive crop nutrition that plants need to get out of the ground and off to a great start,” said Joey Glover, an independent crop consultant and owner of Diversified Agronomy Consulting in Elk Point, S.D. “PureGrade EC has the FlexEC compatibility agent already blended in so growers need only to select the EC-­based crop protection product of their choice to fight off insect or fungi problems that they have in their individual fields.”

Liquid fertilizers and EC­-based insecticides and fungicides are generally considered incompatible. 

“Because of the molecular make up of starter and EC pesticides, they just don’t bond. In a sense, it’s like oil and water,” said Kelli Barnett, an agronomist for Nutra-Flo. “In the past, when a grower utilized an EC pesticide and starter fertilizer, they had compatibility issues, which plugged screens and tips and resulted in an inconsistent application. Nutra-­Flo FlexEC solves those compatibility issues. Plus, growers can now choose insecticides that protect against multiple pests, instead of having limited options.”

Growers now can simply add any EC insecticide or fungicide to NutraFlo’s pre-­blended PureGrade EC starter fertilizer, or use the FlexEC compatibility agent with the starter and EC insecticide or fungicide they choose.

Nutra-­Flo FlexEC Technology and PureGrade EC Liquid Fertilizer are available through a network of more than 600 dealers across North America for the 2015 planting season. For more information or to order, contact the Nutra-Flo customer support team to locate a dealer near you by calling 1-­800-831­-4815 or emailing