Schaffer GS Disc Conversion KitSchaffert Mfg. & Sales, the leader in Seed and Fertilizer Application Systems is excited to introduce our Improved, G2 2x2 Fertilizer Disc Conversion Kit for older-style planters.

This new conversion kit lets farmers with older style Kinze, John Deere 7000, 7100, 7200 and 7300 planters to use our G2 Fertilizer Disc.

After much demand over the past 2 years we designed a new bracket that will work like the NEWER John Deere Planters. Pricing for one row without wheels is $89.00 per row. If they need press wheels with tires they are $31.90 for each side and If the want the Mohawk with rims and bearing they will be $70.00 for each side or $140.00 per row.

The 7200 and 7300 planters will not need new press wheels because they already have the right bearing. The only one’s that need to have new wheels are the ones that have water pump-type bearings.

Also new for all 2013 model G2 Fertilizer Disc is the new adjustable trash deflector and mud scraper, and the new mounting brackets that will give the G2 at least 2" more clearance under the tail section of the planter.