Switching gears but staying in Wisconsin, we stopped by Eis Implement, a single store John Deere dealer in Two Rivers, Wis, for a special assignment for our sister publication Farm Equipment. And co-owners Jon and Chris Eis had some interesting things to say about no-till and strip-till trends in their area. Take a listen.

Jon Eis: “It’s come a long way, just in the last 3 years. A lot more no-till.”   

Chris Eis: “I feel like there is more no-till than conventional right now, but maybe not by a lot. Strip-till — there were guys doing it 10 years ago, and it was getting more prominent. I’ve seen it go away a little bit. Maybe it will come back. It seems like everything is a cycle. Most guys I know, they all have no-till drills and things like that. It’s 60/40, something like that. It’s in that ballpark, I’d guess.” 

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