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 “Tissue sampling is one of those in-season tools that we can use to address small problems in the plant, but it also tells us what problems we're having in the soil. Foliar Scripts takes technology that Transparency Wise has put together to make a recommended rate based on tissue sampling.” 

— Russell Hedrick, No-Tiller, Hickory, N.C.

The problem with traditional tissue testing for crops is the lack of information about how much of a nutrient is needed to correct a problem, according to Hickory, N.C., no-tiller Russell Hedrick.

Hedrick, who made headlines in 2022 for breaking the world dryland corn yield record in 2022, worked with Transparency Wise Technologies to create a program that provides specific nutrient recommendations based on the results of tissue tests. He’s been using Foliar Scripts for 5 years, and it’s now available for all no-tillers. 

In today’s episode of the podcast, brought to you by The Andersons’ Over Pass Lineup, Hedrick and Sarah Martello, CEO and co-founder of Transparency Wise Technologies, talk about Foliar Scripts and the benefits it brings for farmers.

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