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This year, No-Till Farmer readers celebrated record-breaking yields together, mourned the loss of No-Till Legend Dave Brandt, weathered drought conditions, analyzed fertilizer solutions and yield boosting techniques, and sought to improve their soil health. Here is a selection of the top content on the No-Till Farmer website in 2023.

Most Read Feature Articles:

  • Aftermarket Closing Wheels Consistently Boost Bushels By: Dan Crummett
    • Beck’s closing wheel study showed a quick ROI for using aftermarket closers, but one company analyst says closing wheels are the low-hanging fruit in improving planter performance.

  • What Happened to the Legendary Allis-Chalmers No-Till Planter? By: Mike Lessiter
    • Allis-Chalmers (A-C) is widely credited with designing, manufacturing and selling the first “commercially successful” no-till planters in 1966. A-C engineers borrowed from the ideas of Harry Young Jr. on his pioneering Kentucky farm to develop several unique coulter designs and planter frames that made broader no-till acceptance a reality.

  • World’s Longest Continuing No-Till Plots at Ohio State Hit 60 Years By: Mike Lessiter
    • Newly minted Michigan State University Ph.D. recipients Glover Triplett and the late Dave Van Doren arrived at Ohio State University in the late 1950s. Within a few short years, the pair began the world’s first no-till research project at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster, Ohio, which continues today.

  • Shorter Corn Offers More Yield Potential By: Dan Crummett
    • Corn hybrid developers say short-stature corn offers wind-resistant standability plus yield-enhancing opportunities for growers to better manage for more ears per acre & more bushels in the bin.

  • Your No-Till History: John Franz & the Glyphosate Discovery By: Mike Lessiter
    • This installment of “Your No-Till History” expands upon a 1-page article that appeared in June 2022. Farmers on the 1974 and 1975 Hawaii trips run by No-Till Farmer saw the new herbicide in research plots. Approved to much anticipation in 1976, farmers suddenly had access to a product that promised to eradicate troublesome weeds — without the plow.

Most Read News Stories:

  • No-Till Legend Dave Brandt Passes Away Unexpectedly By: Michaela Paukner
    • Carroll, Ohio, No-Till Legend Dave Brandt died unexpectedly May 20 after a severe vehicle crash. Brandt is remembered for the enormous impact he had on the no-till, cover crop and regenerative farming community and beyond.

  • Near-Fatal Accident on Ray McCormick's Farm, No-Till Legend in Recovery By: Mike Lessiter
    • No-Till Farmer editors Mike Lessiter and Kim Schmidt made an impromptu stop in Vincennes, Ind., today. Ray McCormick, a No-Till Farmer Living Legend, is lucky to be alive following an accident with his trackhoe doing tornado cleanup on his Illinois farm.

  • Strip-Tiller Sets New Soybean World Record with 206-Bushel Yield By: Noah Newman
    • Strip-tiller Alex Harrell of Smithville, Ga., set a new world soybean yield record at 206.79 bushels per acre, topping mentor Randy Dowdy’s 2019 yield of 190.23 bushels per acre. 

  • NRCS Making ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ Investment in No-Till
    • No-till farming and conservation agriculture will receive nearly $23 billion in additional U.S. government funding over the next 5 years, a “once-in-a-lifetime investment into conservation,” according to USDA’s National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) chief Terry Cosby.

  • Kinze Launching 2 New Planter Models in 2024
    • The two new 2024 Kinze planter models feature the 5000 series row unit, designed to enhance planting precision and reduce daily maintenance time. 

Most Read Blogs: 

  • Is Moldboard Plowing No Longer Legit? By: Frank Lessiter
    • Since its start in 1837, John Deere has been the major manufacturer of moldboard plows. But that came to a halt in February of 2023 as the company’s last plow, a 6-bottom unit with a price tag of $67,000, rolled off the Deere assembly line.

  • Glyphosate Ban May Lead to a Two-Fold Increase in No-Till Expenses  By: Frank Lessiter
    • Despite numerous studies indicating that glyphosate is safe, ongoing public debate still leads to questions concerning what the impact would be if this popular herbicide was no longer available to no-tillers. First marketed in 1974, the most widely used herbicide in the U.S. will soon have been used by no-tillers for 50 years.

  • No-Till Farming’s Barrier-Breaker  By: Mike Lessiter
    • No-Till Farmer's Mike Lessiter shares a story about Kentucky’s Harry M. Young Jr. and Shirley Phillips, and how their efforts saved a farm — and an entire ag economy. Lessiter asked Young's son, John Young, what might have happened had no-till's first commercial crop been in the hands of a less humble farmer.

  • Drought Continues to Be 'Broken Record' in Oklahoma  By: Clay Pope
    • Clay Pope feels like a broken record, skipping over and over and over again, on dry weather and drought. In the past, when I’ve written about extensive dry conditions in the region, we inevitably get rain. Not this time.

  • What the 1988 Drought Taught Me about No-Till  By: Zackary Michael Jack
    • Recently, as the USDA Drought Monitor showed Iowa and the rest of the Midwest slipping further into a deepening summer drought, Zachary Michael Jack struggled to stanch the wellspring of painful memories released as he recalled for a younger friend the dry years of the late 1980s.

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