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“What we’re doing is reinoculating the soil. We’ve killed off a lot of the soil organisms with tillage, heavy chemical use, single cropping and by leaving it fallow. Basically we’re putting a huge microbiome back out there for them to reproduce.”

— Ryan Gibbs, Hopkinton, Iowa, No-Tiller & Owner of Gibbsfield Ag

Ryan Gibbs, an Iowa no-tiller and the owner of Gibbsfield Ag, makes and sells vermicompost extract to improve the health of his no-till soils. The liquid product is applied to his corn fields and has allowed him to cut back on nitrogen.

In today’s episode of the podcast, brought to you by SOURCE®️ by Sound Agriculture, Gibbs introduces his method of making vermicompost extract, its benefits and how he applies the product at field scale. 

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SOURCE®️ by Sound Agriculture

No-Till Farmer podcast series is brought to you by SOURCE®️ by Sound Agriculture.

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