A deadly 70-car pileup in central Illinois caused by soil blowing off a tilled field served as a call to arms for many no-tillers and no-till educators. 

In No-Till Farmer’s June Ask the Operator webinar, 2023 Conservation Ag Operator Fellow Loran Steinlage of West Union, Iowa, leads a panel discussion about the cost of erosion to farmers and society, and what the no-till community can do to educate other farmers and the public about soil-saving practices like no-till and cover crops. Panelists include No-Till Legend and retired Ohio State University ag engineer Randall Reeder, an outspoken proponent of how no-till can prevent dust storm-related tragedy, plus several other special guests.

The 2023 Conservation Ag Operator Fellowship is sponsored by A&I Products.

Links Mentioned in This Webinar

Dust Storms Shouldn’t Happen in the Corn Belt (Article co-authored by Randall Reeder)

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About the Speakers

Loran Steinlage

Loran Steinlage, a 2020 No-Till Innovator award winner and No-Till Farmer’s 2023 Conservation Ag Operator Fellow, no-tills 750 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, buckwheat, rye, barley and sunflowers in West Union, Iowa. Always thinking about how to move his operation forward, Steinlage has been experimenting with advanced farming systems like interseeding, relay cropping and 60-inch corn for nearly 2 decades.

Randall Reeder

Randall Reeder spent 32 years as an extension agricultural engineer at Ohio State University. He placed considerable emphasis on developing systems to reduce tillage and soil compaction while promoting cover crops, soil quality, controlled traffic and machine-soil interactions in increasing cropping efficiencies.