Stamina F3 HL fungicide seed treatment from BASF has received EPA registration for commercial seed treatment use on wheat and barley. Stamina is applied at the rate of 1 ounce per 100 pounds of seed.
Stamina is designed to provide the benefits of several proven active ingredients found in BASF’s current SeedSolutions offerings, including:

  • Increased disease protection with triticonazole, the active ingredient in Charter fungicide seed treatment
  • Broad protection against Pythium species with metalaxyl, the active ingredient in Acquire fungicide seed treatment
  • Excellent disease control with F500, the active ingredient in Stamina fungicide seed treatment and Headline fungicide.

The three active ingredients in Stamina F3 HL work together to provide broad-spectrum seed and seedling disease control in wheat and barley," says Chris Exton, marketing manager of seed treatments for BASF's crop protection division.

“Stamina provides control of a broad spectrum of wheat and barley disease threats, including Fusarium seed rot and seedling blight, damping-off, common root rot, Rhizoctonia root rot, dry seed decay, wheat common blunt, wheat loose smut and flag smut, barley covered smut, true loose smut and false loose smut," Exton says. "It also provides suppression of Fusarium crown root rot and Fusarium common root rot.”
Available for sale this fall on winter wheat, Stamina F3 HL can be mixed with Axcess insecticide seed treatment for protection against wireworms, aphids, Hessian flies, grasshoppers and other insects.