Nitrogen fertilizer costs are going through the roof. Farmers need to ensure that every kilogram of Nitrogen applied across their farm produces the highest Yield and optimum Protein possible. The CropScan 3300H On Combine Grain Analyser and N-GAUGE Nutrient Manager App provide a solution for Variable Rate Fertilization that ensures a positive Yield and Protein response to targeted application of Nitrogen fertilizer.

The CropScan 3300H On Combine Grain Analyser collects data layers from the combine, including Protein, Oil, Moisture, Starch, Yield, Elevation and GPS. These data layers are sent to the CropScanAg Cloud Server which generate field maps.

The N-gauge Nutrient Manager App delivers a complete suite of field and analytical maps to the farmer, their agronomist and other authorized partners, directly to their smart devices. The field and analytical maps include:

  • Protein, Moisture, Oil, Starch
  • Yield
  • Protein/Yield Correlation Quadrants
  • Nitrogen, Sulphur, Potassium and Phosphorus Removal

The Protein/Yield Correlation Quadrant maps can serve as the basis for VRF Nitrogen applications. Proteins contain approximately 17% of Nitrogen by weight. As such measuring Protein is a direct measurement of Nitrogen. By combining the Yield and Protein data off the combine, then four performance zones can be identified:

  • High Yield/High Protein
  • Low Yield/Low Protein
  • Low Yield/High Protein
  • High Yield/Low Protein

Since Protein levels below 11.5% in wheat and barley indicate Nitrogen was a limiting factor in achieving the optimum yield, then by applying more Nitrogen fertilizer into those zones in next year’s crop will ensure an increase in Yield and Protein.

A unique feature of the N-Gauge Nutrient Manager App is that the prescription applications are aligned to the AB lines across the field. The prescription maps are grid lined with the recommended rate of fertilizer shown in each grid location. By selecting the grid location, farmers and agronomists can increase or decrease the rate as they see fit.

Farmers can then generate Variable Rate Fertilization Prescription maps for their fields and edit them on their smart devices. Once the prescriptions maps are complete, they can be exported to the CASE IH, New Holland or John Deere platforms. The last step is to download them to the spreader, sprayer or seeder.

For more information on the N-GAUGE Nutrient Manager and Grain Logistics Apps, visit the web site.