To help customers more easily monitor combine operations and adjust settings from remote locations, John Deere offers Remote View and Adjust as part of its MyOperations mobile app. These new applications build on existing machine technologies, like Combine Advisor and Remote Display Access, to enable owners or managers to remotely monitor combine performance and adjust concave clearance, rotor, fan speed and chaffer and sieve clearance settings as needed.

“This latest mobile app for combines gives customers immediate visual access to machine information from a single combine or an entire fleet to improve overall harvesting operations. From their mobile device, customers can make changes to different settings as crop and harvesting conditions change throughout the day, then the operator simply accepts the changes on the in-cab display,” says Matt Badding, product marketing manager for John Deere Harvest Solutions.

He notes that the app is a great way for mangers to monitor less-experienced combine operators to ensure the combine is set and functioning properly.