No-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's world from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web. “No-Till Farmer's Best of the Web" is brought to you by Mixmate by PRAXIDYN.

No-Till Seeder Inventor Howard Dahl Shares First Hand Look at Ukraine Situation

Howard Dahl, known to no-tillers for his Concord air seeder, talks about his 90-plus trips to the Ukraine and personal observations on the war in this 2-minute AgWeek video. You can hear more on Dahl’s business from this podcast from Lessiter Media’s Ag Entrepreneurs Series.

World Water Day Brings No-till, Cover Crops to Fore

While a lot of us are very excited about Wednesday's National Ag Day, and the tractor show on the National Mall, another unofficial day was also quietly noted this week. World Water Day passed on Tuesday, and the USDA's NRCS used the opportunity to plug (see what I did there?) both no-till and cover crops.

Ukraine War Could Delay Regen Ag in EU

If driving up input prices, threatening global food supply, and bringing the planet to the brink of nuclear war weren't bad enough, Reuters reports that the EU is delaying publication of it's "Green New Deal" program, which would have halved pesticide use in the trade zone.

No-Till Pushes Into 'Magical' Location

Presto! Farmers in Idaho’s Magic Valley are catching up to their colleagues in the Palouse with some help from The Nature Conservancy, according to a piece by Idaho PBS. Quote of the Day: “I lean so far right I try not to use my left blinker.” Now if only I could remember where I put that rabbit.

Today's Language Immersion Lesson

Experienced no-tillers — and anyone familiar with the principles of no-till — will probably be able to follow along with this Hindi explainer of no-till farming by Indian YouTuber Science To Technology. While it's fun to hear the no-till terminology sprinkled in among Hindi, it's also worth noting that Indian no-tillers are everywhere on social media channels, and regularly show up among the early adapters for things like drone use. Lost? There’s also an English channel.

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