No-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's world from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web. “No-Till Farmer's Best of the Web" is brought to you by Mixmate by PRAXIDYN.

60-Row 'Inkjet' No-Till Planter Takes Field

The 3-minute video from Precision Farming Dealer covers Canadian ag tech company Clean Seed Capital’s aims to revolutionize planting with its 60-row planter described as an ”inkjet printer” for the field. The no-till planter allows the operator to control up to 5 independent products as well as 6 in-ground placement options per row, providing prescription input accuracy on an almost plant-by-plant level.

Expect Cyber Attacks on Global Food Supplies

Last year's ransomware hack on JBS, one of the world's largest meat processors, was a wake-up call regarding the vulnerability of the world's food supply to the cyber criminals. Wired says cyber attacks are bound to increase in 2022, and food scarcity, higher prices and tainted foods are likely if the threat is not addressed.

Machinery Dealer Learns How to Support No-Tillers

This video from John Deere dealership group RDO Equipment Co. shows how a “big iron” dealership in “big tillage” country has learned how to support a 100% no-till operation. In addition to interviews with sisters Kari & Nicole Olson, RDO staff explains what they learned about what it takes to support these Minnesota no-tilers.

Jon Stevens Says Fertilizer Prices Are NOT Too High

Maple Grove, Minn., grower Jon Stevens says even at $1,000 per ton, fertilizer must not be overpriced, because there's been no fundamental shift to in-season nutrient management. Oh yeah, and he offers tips on how growers can reimagine fertility in 2022 to save some cash.

DIY Cover Crop Interseeder

From the Minnesota NRCS, David Grommesh of Barnesville, Minn., shares how he built a no-till cover crop interseeder starting with an old 8-row cultivator. Videography by Dan Balluff.

Are You Ready for Planting Season 2022?

YouTuber Farming with Carp talks about his preferred closing wheels for planting green in Indiana and what he's updating as he preps to no-till soybeans in the 2022 planting season.

Cover Crops Are a Hit!

A record number of farmers are planting cover crops, and the Land Stewardship Project is celebrating with this music video. "Got Cover Crops" was commissioned from Austin, Minn., native, and singer songwriter Bret Hesla and performed with Six Feet Deep.

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