Question: What are your standard corn hybrids that you use for one-half or more of your production every year? What traits (i.e., cold tolerance, disease tolerance, etc.) have you found would yield the best in your own farm’s trials and why?

Answer: I prefer not to get into the brands that I use, the brands change as the test plots tell me which products produce the best and most reliably. I plant 95-105-day hybrids and use my test plots to drive which hybrids I plant. I generally plant about 65% of my acres to hybrids that I have used for 2-3 years and then select a new hybrid from 2-3 years of testing for another 25% of my production. Then about 10% of my acres each year are new hybrids that are in our test plots. I generally let the agronomist for each company select the hybrids with the best disease tolerance and early season growth characteristics.

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