I think we have all the equipment we need for spring planting.  The 1245 Case 24-20 planter openers were rebuilt last year and the Kinze 3000 series 12-20 was also rebuilt last year so the openers are in great shape so they should be good for 2 to 3 more seasons.  I like to keep them like new so they plant like new planters.   

Last spring we updated all of our Case 700 monitors to RTK and got some modems so  that we can run our correction signals on our Verizon Cell Plan.  We also use some Ag Leader Monitors for the Rogator spray control and RTK steering, and to run the Kinze variable rate planting and our Raven Anhydrous controller on our 40' Case Anhydrous Bar. 

My son works for Agco in the Dakotas so we decided to purchase a new Fendt 828 last year before the prices went nuts.  In the future we will probably set up a new high speed planter for this tractor.  It has tons of new technology.  We also lucked out at a fertilizer equipment auction and purchased a 1 year old 12 ton BBI Magnaspreader for lime and fertilizer for a great price..  

We've always put on all of our dry fertilizer with an Ag Leader dry module which allows us to VRT our fertilizer very economically.  We used to put our hydraulic motor and Ag Leader Modules on the Co-op's 8 ton 50' spreader, but now we can handle 12 tons with much more floatation and an 80' spreading width.  Can spread 1000 acres a day, so it really makes for efficient spreading.

To top it off we added a CR8.90 New Holland last fall.  We were lucky to purchase this 2018 combine  with 200 engine hours from a farmer that was downsizing at a very good price. We bought a new MacDon 35' Draper for it and it's a beast in soybeans. We really like our CaseIH 6140, so for the time being we'll keep both of them to hedge against machinery price increases. We are blessed with an excellent machinery line.

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