AMVAC and Azotic North America are pleased to announce a collaboration to develop and commercialize nitrogen-fixation product Envita as an addition to the expanding SIMPAS-applied Solutions portfolio.

Envita is a naturally occurring food-grade bacteria that allows a plant to fix nitrogen. Envita can be applied in-furrow to multiple crops including corn and soybeans, where it quickly establishes itself within the plant and grows with the plant as the plant grows. Unlike rhizobia, which does not begin forming nodules until the root system is taking form, Envita starts to fix nitrogen very quickly and lasts season long. This provides the plant with an additional source of nitrogen during critical growth periods where nitrogen loss may occur due to environmental conditions. Envita provides a constant, season-long supply of nitrogen from within the cells of the plant exactly where and when nitrogen is needed the most for yield.

Envita joins a growing portfolio of SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS), which are products prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge container technology and using the SIMPAS application system to address unique agronomic needs. Across the SaS portfolio are insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, micronutrients, and solutions for soil health and fertilizer efficiency. (See more about SIMPAS-applied Solutions below.)

"With this new addition to SIMPAS-applied Solutions, growers will be able to utilize the precision of the SIMPAS system in areas where risk of nitrogen loss is greater such as in low-lying areas and on slopes," said Jim Lappin, Director of SIMPAS Portfolio and Alliances at AMVAC. "This is important because applying additional units of synthetic nitrogen in high-yielding zones can begin to have a diminishing rate of return as N rates go higher. Envita provides an alternate source of nitrogen that continues as the plant grows or in conditions where uptake of synthetic N may be challenged."

Lappin said Envita is an ideal complement to the SIMPAS system, which growers are adopting to address agronomic needs where whole-field applications are not economically warranted or where variable rates of at-plant inputs deliver better return. SIMPAS gives growers the flexibility to apply exactly what's prescribed, precisely where it's needed.

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