Corteva Agriscience announced the launch of a new above-ground nitrogen stabilizer. PinnitMax TG nitrogen stabilizer protects urea and UAN applications from volatilization for up to 14 days, which helps ensure nitrogen gets into the root zone for maximum yield potential. With this new solution, Corteva now offers a comprehensive portfolio of nitrogen maximizers that provide unrivaled protection above and below ground.

“We’re excited to bring PinnitMax TG nitrogen stabilizer to customers for the 2022 season. The new solution comes in a convenient solvent formulation with easy handling capabilities,” said William Wynn, U.S. Product Manager, Nitrogen Stabilizers, Corteva Agriscience. “PinnitMax TG nitrogen stabilizer also offers other benefits like straightforward blending, free-flowing applications and easy cleanup, which speeds up labor and processing time for customers to help optimize their operations.”

PinnitMax TG nitrogen stabilizer is compatible with various fertilizer handling systems, blenders and impregnation devices, providing flexibility to farmers and retailers and their existing on-farm equipment. The new solution features an easily identifiable blue color that is stain-free and quickly washes out of equipment.

Whether used with fall, spring or sidedress applications, PinnitMax TG nitrogen stabilizer will provide convenient protection of UAN and urea from loss above ground for up to 14 days, resulting in maximum yield potential.

“The nitrogen maximizers business from Corteva Agriscience has nearly five decades of trusted experience shaping the nitrogen stabilizers category,” said Justin Dikeman, U.S. Portfolio Marketing Leader, Nitrogen Stabilizers, Corteva Agriscience. “By adding a stabilizer that protects against nitrogen loss above ground, we’re giving our customers the flexibility they need to create nutrient management programs that fit their unique operations.”

Corteva now offers three nitrogen stabilizers in its portfolio. PinnitMax TG nitrogen stabilizer works above ground, protecting against volatilization, to help applied nitrogen get to the root zone. N-Serve and Instinct NXTGEN nitrogen stabilizers, powered by Optinyte technology, work below ground, protecting against leaching and denitrification, helping ensure nitrogen stays in the root zone. All three solutions help maximize yield potential.

“With volatile fertilizer prices, it’s more important than ever for growers to protect their nitrogen investments,” Wynn said. “Nitrogen is already one of the most expensive inputs each growing season, and it’s essential for strong yield. A proven stabilizer, like one of our nitrogen maximizers, can help ensure a good return on that investment, while enhancing sustainability measures.”

PinnitMax TG nitrogen stabilizer is currently for sale. To learn more about the new solution, visit on, or reach out to your local Corteva Agriscience representative.