The all new, Deep Banding High Speed Nutrient Applicator by CrustBuster provides minimum soil disturbance while applying fertilizer in either no-till or conventional fields.

This applicator has the capability to deep band NH3, liquid fertilizer and dry nutrients all in one pass at speeds around 10 mph. The width options available range from 40', 45', 50' or 60' on CrustBuster’s proven heavy-duty frames, making it possible to cover large acreages in less time.

The units are equipped with DMR Technologies’ Penetrator fertilizer coulter openers. One unit replaces two typical coulter openers and can run over 40,000 acres with minimum maintenance. Individual units are hydraulically raised and lowered and can apply active down pressure up to 1,000 lbs. Minimal soil movement is achieved by the 24" diameter coulter blade, offering 20" vertical travel with a 3° angle cut that opens the soil to a narrow 3/4" width and an all-important 5 1/2" deep banding depth. The 3 degree angle cut of the blade requires far less horse power than other applicators set at greater degrees.

Up to three-product capability injection tubes per unit allow for banding of NH3, liquid or dry nutrients. Heavy-duty ductile cast iron precision machined construction provides 550 lbs per unit weight for excellent soil penetration and retention even in hard, dry soil conditions. Closer wheel options include spiked, rubber or a 20-point Crumbler and all have adjustable angles. Three sizes of opener band spacing are available as 15", 20" or 30" and are equipped with spring-loaded floating inner scrapers and an outer rolling scraper that provide excellent blade cleaning.

The reliable and precise application is managed by SureFire Ag Systems. SureFire’s Torpedo NH3 systems are specifically configured for CrustBuster Applicators and the application to fit your operation. The systems come complete with all the components needed to get the product from the tank to the soil and work to ensure all necessary components are supplied as part of the complete kit.

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