The Case IH Nutri-Placer 930 HSLD provides better residue cover, significantly fewer clods and reduced lateral soil movement compared to other coulter-style applicators available. Capable of speeds up to 11 mph, operators can cover 510 acres in a 12 hour day.

The 22.6 inch single-coulter-blade design effectively cuts through residue with minimal disturbance, leading to improved soil and moisture retention that helps properly seal nutrients and reduce run-off. Because of its ability to provide better residue cover in tough, fast-changing conditions, the Nutri-Placer 930 HSLD keeps operators in the field during fall, preplant and side-dress applications for greater return on investment.

The spring-loaded knife features carbide inserts for extended wear and protection of fertilizer tubes. A separately replaceable Beaver Tail design with tungsten carbide weld aids in nutrient sealing.

In addition to holding soil in place while the coulter opens a slot, the wiper wheel eliminates soil and residue build up on the coulter blade.

The SharkTooth blade and walking tandem press wheel firm the soil as the Nutri-Placer runs through the field. No-tools-required spring down force pressure and pivot range adjustments make changes quick and easy.

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