Soybean producers keeping a watchful eye on commodity prices can capitalize on market opportunities with a reproductive management plan. Research shows prioritizing health and nutrition as the season progresses can significantly maximize soybean yield. Helena Agri-Enterprises is sharing its best practices for R-stage growth through BeanWise – a program built on agronomic knowledge, experience and the latest technology. 

“If we expect more out of our crop at harvest, we have to focus on what we’re feeding it as those beans are developing,” says Dan Scheetz, Helena Product Manager for eastern Iowa and northern Illinois. “The goal of BeanWise is to take the guesswork out of it, and let the crop do the talking. Once we understand the condition of the crop, we can choose products based on need and apply those products when that nutrition is needed most.”  

BeanWise takes a scientific approach to soybean health based on in-season tissue sampling and analysis. The results not only give growers a clearer picture of what’s going on in the field, but they also reveal trends in nutrient consumption at key growth stages.

“We know certain nutrients are required in higher amounts when soybeans hit reproduction,” says Dr. Randy Simonson, Helena Agronomist based in Illinois. “BeanWise helps growers create a plan to keep up with demand by pairing the right foliar nutritionals with other late-season applications.”

Fungicides and insecticides remain the foundation of R-stage applications, but Helena’s experience shows there’s more to be gained during this last push to harvest. With adequate levels of nutrition and the efficiency to use it properly, soybeans can retain more flowers, put on more nodes, hang more pods, and add weight.

While nothing can be done to control the weather and a variety of other external factors, BeanWise can give soybeans every opportunity to grow higher, more productive yields this season. To create a custom BeanWise plan, soybean producers are encouraged to contact their local Helena representative. For more information about Helena products and services, visit