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“Everything we're using as a cover crop already has a purpose somewhere and we’re just reassigning that crop and that purpose to what we need to do…It’s not a matter of identifying the cover crop. It’s a matter of identifying what you want to accomplish, when you want to accomplish it, and then finding the right thing to do that with…” – Brendon Blank, certified forage specialist, Byron Seeds

No matter what you do in life, it can be easy to get lulled into doing the same thing over and over again. For farmers, that might mean getting into a rut on the crop rotation or animal inputs or it could simply mean not finding a solution for a recurring problem.

Our guest for this week’s podcast is Brendon Blank, an independent certified forage specialist who works for Byron Seeds. Based in Ixonia, Wisconsin, Brendon helps farmers solve management problems by designing cropping systems that make better use of the land and human capital while focusing on diversity, enhancing animal health, and improving the soil.

Listen in as Brendon explains why he likes to use what he calls “alternative forages,” how they can help no-tillers maximize growing degree days and provide flexibility in spreading manure, his thoughts on growing TMR and much more. 







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