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“Typically when weeds cover the ground, they’re rather patchy in nature and you don’t get complete coverage of the entire field. With a cover crop you’re going to get coverage of the entire field if you’ve got a good seed source and good germination conditions. You’re going to protect the soil from erosion, you’re going to capture some carbon, and you’re going to keep some nutrients in place. The cover will help break up some compaction in the seedbed as well …” – Bill Johnson, professor of botany and plant pathology, Purdue University

For this week’s podcast, we’re sharing a conversation between Cover Crop Strategies associate editor Sarah Hill and Bill Johnson, professor of weed science with Purdue University.

In this interview, Johnson discusses how field management impacts weed problems, how herbicide applications influence cover crops and cash crops, herbicide antagonism, how cover crops can mitigate weed growth, and more!







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